What's New at First Night 2018!

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The Chicano All Stars are all professional musicians with many years of experience in the music business. Known as one of the area's top Latin Rock bands, The Chicano All-Stars are a talented, dynamic and energetic band. Just recently, Chicano All Stars have added a solid and highly polished horn section. Their upbeat, danceable repertoire is rooted in a great mix of Latin rock, Old School, R & B, classic Rock'n'Roll, and danceable Reggae. Their Latin rhythms, strong percussive backbeat and excellent vocals appeal to a wide variety of audiences, young and old alike, and are guaranteed to keep your feet on the dance floor.
Site 20: Golden State Theater 10:15- 11:00; 11:15- Midnight

Photo of Chicano All-Stars


In 2016, band leader Trevor Lucier released the album, "Destruction of the Species" to a welcoming and supportive local music scene. Following a successful first show, declared one of the area's best shows of the year by The Monterey County Weekly, the rest of the group came together around a mutual conviction that music is a potent resource in the movement to bring humanity closer together. With this ideal in mind, The Proudest Monkeys have set out to perform all over the Central California Area in an effort to bring together the many local scenes that exist in the region.
Site 18: Alvarado St/Rabobank Stage 6:30- 7:15; 7:30–8:15

Photo of The Proudest Monkeys


Amy Warren is a story teller at heart, and her original music touches the soul and stirs the senses, with “deep folk” influences spanning Celtic to bluegrass to gypsy jazz. She brings a rich musical mix that is warm and familiar. Her heartfelt storytelling and expressive flat-picking pair with Harry Thomas’ powerful harmonica and Derek Bodkin’s imaginative banjo make for a fresh take on American classics. With a growing catalog of original music and covers ranging from the Carter Family to Johnny Cash and Gillian Welch to Jack White, this band is a must-see for roots music fans.
Site 15: AJ Davi Stage 458 Alvarado St 7:00- 7:30; 7:45–8:15

Photo of Amy Warren


From China to Italy, and all over the U.S., Dirty Cello, led by vivacious cross-over cellist, Rebecca Roudman, brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues and bluegrass. Good Times Santa Cruz says "...what is most spectacular about them is hearing the depth of soul in Roudman’s playing — it goes beyond what most people would expect from the instrument. She plays it with so much heart, you’ll wonder why more bands don’t have a cellist." From down home blues with a wailing cello to virtuosic stompin’ bluegrass, Dirty Cello is a band that gets your heart thumping and your toes tapping!
Site 10: MIIS/Irvine Auditorium 6:30- 7:00; 7:15–7:45; 8:00–8:30

Photo of Dirty Cello


Linda Arceo and special guest Casey Frazier are both accomplished singers, songwriters and talented musicians who often collaborate to bring a rich musical experience to audiences. Both have over a dozen albums in current distribution. Their exquisite combination of Americana and Vintage Rock-Inspired Indie Music keep listeners wanting more and always expand their following. Linda is currently in the studio recording her next album die out in early 2018. Linda’s original music will pull at your heartstrings, get your toes tapping and leave you wanting more!
Site 15: AJ Davi Stage 460 Alvarado St. 8:45- 9:15; 9:30–10:00; 10:15–10:45

Photo of Linda Arceo


Jayson Fann has a newly created Spirit Nest and is sharing visually dynamic sculptural nest at First Night! Paired with international renowned percussionists makes this a magical performance not to be missed! Ongoing, check the venue sign for performance times while you feast your eyes on the beautiful nest!
Site 16: Alvarado St/Spirit Nest Ongoing, 6:15- 10:00

FLASHPOINT ENTERTAINMENT will entertain you with their LED light shows incorporating dance and juggling!

This power trio has a Modern Circus type act focusing on dance with LED illuminated prop manipulation, juggling and eye popping colors. You will be wondering how did they do that! These light artists and street performers juggle to music, dance to lights and have a circus type fun act! A show stopper in the street! Look for their STEGATRON Art Car! The Art Car (is it a car?) is a post-historic pre-apocalyptic robot dinosaur from the future! Music, lights, this car has it all!
Site 13a: Alvarado Street/Roving Artists 6:15- throughout the night!

Photo of Flashpoint


Samz School of Rock Youth Band is a group of young talented students from Samz School of Music, a local community based non-profit music school out of Salinas, California. Students in our band program range in ages 10 to 18. You will be impressed with their musical style which feature diverse and modern rock hits as well as classic rock favorites. For our students, real performances breed real skill and real stage performance opportunities. Be sure to stop by and listen to their music!
Site 20: Golden State Theater 9:45- 10:15

Photo of Samz School of Rock Band


From the Summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains and out of the redwoods come the Wildcat Mountain Ramblers - a musical party that brings energy, fun, spontaneity, guest performers, dancing and audience participation to wherever they go. They are a bluegrass/Americana band that ventures into folk, rock, Cajun, country, honkey-tonk and where ever a good time can be found. Join the fun!
Site 23: Alvarado St. Wells Fargo Stage 8:30- 9:15